We've been working with these guys for the past year and have been consistently impressed with their work.
Owen Idris
Your services are all excellent. The support was very cooperative and their response and follow up was very prompt and helpful. I really appreciate the job well done.
I am a Bolivian who needed to travel to Spain. The process was very easy at AllDocuments. Their was very attentive and answered all my questions very fast. I initially thought the process would be very difficult and lengthy but it was. Customer support was very efficient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend their services!
Everything went on very fast. We had to make an urgent passport application s because we were to travel in 2 weeks. To do this we had to fill in the form the provided. Once this was done, we had to wait a few days. The whole process has been done in less than a week. We were really satisfied.
Thank you AllDocuments
Business man
I am really happy that I made an agreement with Mr. Daniel from the customer support service. He really helped me a lot. I am impressed by their efficiency. Also, I appreciate your high professionalism. I recommend their service to all who would like to immigrate to Europe without hesitation. Thank you very much for your support.
Business man
I ordered a full pack of documents and to be honest, I was skeptical of the quality and authenticity of these products, but upon seeing their samples and then having my own products delivered (quite hastily), I could finally keep calm. I must admit that these documents are absolutely astonishing! The resemblance between these products and the real material is fully authentic. For anyone looking for any kind of EU residency permit or Passports, I personally suggest AllDocuments. Their customer service is second to none, they are the only ones who have your best interests in mind!
Jean Jacques
Business man
From the moment that I started working with these people, they made things so easy to understand. They took their time explaining the processes, what I would need to do & then what they would be doing. I dealt with their support and they were very helpful, professional & pleasant to speak with, which also made the process easier. I really appreciate these service, and feel that if they had not been available, I would have had a very difficult time getting all the paperwork completed accurately on time. I'm sure I, and others in Russia, will be needing their services in the future, and I will be highly recommending them. Thank you all very much for all you assistance I am now a USA citizen with a Green card, ID Card, & Drivers License.
Duty Vladimir
I want to place on record my thanks and appreciation to "AllDocuments". The feedback from users has been consistently great. I hope this service continues to do the good work they are doing.
Business woman
I made an order online on the 2nd of June 2017. Prepayment was made on 3 June 3th. The process was completed by the 5th of June and my new passport delivered to me on the 11th of June. I Tracked it all the way from the courier to my home - Fantastic service.
If you have any issues with your visa or passports, you need to contact AllDocuments right now. They made an otherwise confusing process flow seamlessly. I am Chinese Business man needed to travel to the USA for a business mission, had some serious issues with my visa, AllDocuments saved me the did a new authentic visa with my problem solved with 5 days.
More... I had applied for a new passport myself, after having lost it. Support walked me through every step, told me exactly what I needed, reviewed the details I sent plus upfront payment. The process went by quickly and I had my new passport within a week. Amazing service!!!
Lin Pao
Business man
This passport was worth the money at the end. It arrived just a few days after I paid for it, and it looked so authentic that I was so surprised. With just a little information and a photo, they made a passport that has never been questioned at any border, even when security was tough WOW!. Buying a fake passport online was the best decision I ever made. It did not only safe my trip to Canada, I’ve been waiting a lifetime to take, but it also saved me from having to go through the endless process of getting a new passport from the government.
Hi Team, Thanks for being the best immigration agent. It's great working with you. Happy holidays to you and your family. We had yet another incredible travel at the United Kingdom at this time. Sincerely,
Chun Lily
Fashion Designer
Would highly recommend this company, don't bother with the others, they're not as good as AllDocuments, belief me I've tried most and they are not reliable. They all worked with me drafting the final copy of my Passport, it was really awesome. The customer service I received was second to none, all my requests were catered for. There was a last minute alteration I needed through a miscommunication which they attended to rapidly, reprinted and sent out again (twice), free of charges. The whole process has been excellent. I will be back here to order any document(s) again if need be, like what I've seen so far.
Gam lan
I received my documents and was hurry to write this comment, because I filled with doubts and fear I had been scammed, now I am filled with joy. My British passport looks great ooooh!. I compared with that of my friend and its absolutely no different. All holograms and watermarks stand in their places. I am very satisfied, now I can opened my credit account with my favorite Bank. By the way, I couldn't do this with my Indian passport for more than a year.
Inu Shiba
Business woman
Just wanted to say many thanks for helping me set up an amazing new identification card and passport! All of the documents are perfect for travel. I know i bothered you guys a lot with my questions & doubts. I can't thank you enough! Can't wait to order more documents. Thanks again!
I was skeptical at first to use an online company to expedite my passport, but using this company ales all of the troubles of the entire passport production process. I did the 5-day expedited service, and the communication from the support staff was great. I received my new passport and my original documents 2 days earlier than they said. I highly recommend using this company whether you need your new passport or just other documents. Thank you!
Alexia Monica
I don't usually post reviews; however, because this travel experience was so exceptional and the level of service provided was so good - I am going to post this review. To begin, I found AllDocuments online and because they were a "foreign" (not based in Germany) company, I was skeptical and hesitant to proceed. However, after speaking with their staff, specifically the agent helping me , and after receiving very professional and Biometric information about me the company proceeded with work. I was looking for a "travel and work agency with registered VISA" for Switzerland, and although there are high end travel agencies in Germany that could use, those agencies did not have the flexibility, nor the local knowledge to customize the trip that AllDocuments was able to put together for me. I applied a one year working VISA for my family, the majority with international companies, and definitively nice appartments to stay (as this was my family's first time to Switzerland and I wanted to make sure they were comfortable). After multiple conversations and e-mail's, customer support put together a world class trip. I am a very seasoned traveler and certain that without their help, it would have been an impossibility to organize and book they trip and itinerary they put together for me. I highly recommend the company. They are definitively a professional company and anyone that has any hesitation about booking with a company outside of Germany - don't worry at all. They do a great job and I absolutely recommend AllDocuments.
Tailor Martmitch
Business man
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